O.D.E. Odor Destroyer & Eliminator - Unscented 750ml


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O.D.E. unscented is a premium odor destroyer that eliminates rather than masks undesirable odors, with no added fragrance.

O.D.E. is non-toxic, non-irritating, biodegradeable and eco-friendly. It is effective and safe to use against all types of malodors – Medical, Industrial, Veteranary, Commercial, Household, Pet, Sport, Automotive, and more!

O.D.E. works at peak performance at full strength but also as a odor control additive for many cleaning products (max dilution 1:3).


O.D.E. incorporates two odor control techniques – absorption and molecule conversion.

The process of odor elimination occurs immediately upon contact with offensive odors. The interaction of its active ingrediant and odor molecules is unique and selective. It captures and converts malodor molecules while leaving pleasant scents unaffected.

O.D.E. remains effective as long as the active ingrediant is available. If it becomes saturated, simply repeat application as desired.

Case Size: 12